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Marble Surface

Bring our music for a mile and share it!

Classical Mile is a free music and movement project designed to take classical music out of the concert hall and get you out of your chair. We encourage you to take a walk, run, or bike ride while listening to performances by our vibrant local musicians. Follow us to listen to our curated list of performances! Want to participate even further? Take photos while you are listening and share them with the hashtag #classicalmile. Tag @classicalmile, and your photos will be featured at our Livestream concert!


About us


Luz Vasquez

Founder of Studio Luz and Classical Mile

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Jon Cuna

Audio Engineer 

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Erol Oz


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Estefany Vasquez

Visual  Production 

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Zelda Jones

Social Media Coordinator

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Jennifer Rodriguez-Dowd

Livestream Producer

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Watercolor.  Acrylic.  

Mixed Media. 


Violin.  Viola.


Music is a gift worth sharing!



Acrylics and Mixed Media

Interested in a piece of art? 

Imagine. Work. Create.

My Music

Music is a powerful tool to make a difference in peoples lives.  

Luz Vasquez Violin/Viola instructor and performer  


Luz Vasquez is a multidisciplinary artist who studies how different pieces of art, be it music, painting, or dance, can influence an individual and affect his or her expression through another medium.

She completed her Bachelor of Music Degree in Violin Performance at the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. She is currently coursing a Graduate Program in Violin Performance at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Luz teaches introduction to music for toddlers as well as individual and group classes. In New York, Luz taught violin and viola for Harrison school of music and Harmony Program from The Research Foundation of CUNY. Luz is currently part of The Florida Orchestra and Prodigy Cultural Arts program bringing free violin lessons for the Hillsborough County, Fla.  

Luz continuously participates in several Music festivals across the United States and Canada such as Green Mountain, Hot Spring Music Festival in Arkansas, and Orford Centre for the arts in Orford Canada.


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Luz teaches individual lessons as well as group classes.Currently she teaches for The Florida Orchestra and The University Area CDC's Prodigy Cultural Arts Program. 

She believes music is about giving and sharing. Therefore she encourages her students to share their music not only with their family and friends but also with their community.